The SuperMasters

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"I have come with my fellow Supermasters to free the universe from all that is wrong, to set in place a new reality and rip away the old.

Armed with the knowledge of ages, and the wrath that will unmake this world, I shall set about freeing the minds of men from this shallow and ugly reality that they too may ascend to the greatness beyond. I come, inhaling the Vapours to purify myself and the air around me, to set about reconstructing space, time and god. The ripples in karma from our every thought will be felt throughout all time and the universe, and you shall know my name is The Beast when I lay my groove upon thee."

- Harold "The Beast" Spobart


  • Chris Allen (Zebulon Mysterioso) (vocals/guitar)
  • Glenn Wilson (Harold "The Beast" Spobart) (guitar)
  • Garry White (Magic Legend) (drums)
  • Andy Morrison (Rosco T. Barebach) (bass)
  • Will Hawkins (Vance Electric) (guitar)
  • Richard Dale (J.Bruno Shatner) (bass)