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The Feline Dream were an analogue-synth-duo, blending influences such as Eno, The Fall, Van der Graaf Generator and the Human League.

Based around core members Nicholas Carlisle and David Davis and initially called 'Feline', the band played their first gig in December 1993 supporting AmonullonomA. Further gigs around Belfast followed in 1994 and 1995.

Initally a two-piece with drums provided by the Cheetah SpecDrum peripheral for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, by Xmas 1994 they invited Stephen McDonnell (who had previously played with them in The Oblique Strategy) to play the drums. Highlights of this phase of the band included a Xmas '94 session on the Johnny Hero Show, and the release of their exciting "FELINE" 4-track demo cassette, which sold a total of one copy, notably to Carryduff's young Colin Campbell who would later form Kidd Dynamo.

Insurmountable geographical differences put the band on hiatus until the year 2000, when they began recording and performing again under the moniker "The Feline Dream" to distinguish temselves from the female-fronted goth grunge band 'Feline'. They played an entire week of gigs in Belfast in September 2000, billed as "Feline Week", including the a "Ginger Night" show were people with ginger hair could get in free. Their annual christmas Empire Music Hall shows of Xmas 2000 and Xmas 2001 (entitled "More Analogue than EVER!" and "Kill A Spyde!") each drew crowds of nearly 167 people, and were covered in the Belfast Telegraph as "Empire: Wednesday: Student Night".

Relocation of the band to Brighton followed, although they still visited Belfast and Derry on their "Liturgy of the Werd" tour of 2002, beofre disbanding in December of 2003.


  • Nick Carlisle (Vocals/Keyboards/drum machine/guitar)
  • David Davis (Vocals/bass guitar/keyboards/drum machine)

Past members

  • Stephen McDonnel (drums) (1994–1995)
  • Michael Staley (live submixing, FX and drum machine operation) (2000)




Feline Dream Live