The Dollybyrds

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Punky rock n roll based in Belfast played by :

  • Crooksy Vocals and easy guitar bits,
  • Paul Guitar and vocals,(2009)
  • Keith Drums and backing vocals,(2009)
  • Marty Bass and backing vocals.(2009)
  • Shane Bass (2010 to present)
  • Alan Guitar (2010 to present)
  • Matty Drums (2010 to present)

Put together in 2009 by Crooksy with 3 members of Jackson Cage. Some tracks were recorded and then some more. All ragged arsed punky rock n roll. The 3 J.C. members then left to do some J.C. stuff and Crooksy recorded 'Broken Doll' by himself which has become the bands best known tune to date thanks to alot of airplay on BBC Radio Ulster. It was released as a download single Feb 2011. Some live shows were played with Shane and Alan,formerly with Crooksy in PBR Streetgang, coming in on Bass and guitar with Matty joining on drums.

Tracks currently available Broken Doll (download) Seditionaries Never Sleep (cd and download) Belfast Rain (cd and download) Dollybyrds Are Go (cd and download) Welcome to the Scrapheap (Time to be Proud cd comp) At the Edge (SLF cover Time to be Proud cd)