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The Cheese Junkies were formed in 1993. They spent a few months of intensive songwriting until they picked the best of their first 25 songs to record the first Cheese Junkies release 'FDR' in Green Dolphin Studios.

Their first public gig was in The Limelight, Belfast on one of the Thursday night local band gigs. In the audience was Chris Allen who was so impressed with their funky, afro-caribbean jazz odyssey that he hassled the band for an audition until they relented, gave him a copy of FDR and set a date for a jam. He became the band's singer after creating vocals for songs on the FDR cassette. The band built up a repertoire of over 50 new songs over the next two years, played shows around Northern Ireland and built a small cult following.

In 1995, a few days before entering Dave Sintin's studio in Kircubbin to record a follow-up to FDR, Gary Haddock left the band, causing the band to abandon the recording along with most of their existing material. Chris Allen took over on bass, but was unable to both sing and play the material, so after about four months of creating new material, they recruited Suzanne Savage as singer. The band then continued writing, gigging and recording, issuing three more full-length releases, mostly recorded at Einstein Studios in Antrim, as well as one lost session of 12 songs recorded at Jah Studios on the Beersbridge Road (the only two surviving tracks from which appear on Brown Sauce). After tensions within the band came to a head by auditioning for and appearing on the 1998 BBC/RTE talent show Let Me Entertain You, guitarist Neill McVeigh left the band, at which point the remaining band-members called it a day.

Chris Cartin and Chris Allen went on to form s'gottabomb, using some Cheese Junkies material as a basis for further songwriting.


  • Neill McVeigh (guitar)
  • Gary Haddock (bass)
  • Chris Cartin (drums/samples)
  • Chris Allen (vocals then bass)
  • Suzanne Savage (vocals/violin)


FDR (1994)

The Devil Wore Black and Jesus Jumped on the Off-Beat (1995)

Brown Sauce (1996)

The Creature That Ate the Monster (1997)


The Cheese Junkies on 'Let Me Entertain You'