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This release was also originally a 'the chocolate boy' release. The album itself was a one-off bed quilt with enclosed cassette. Each square of the quilt related to a music track, the idea was that instead to going to buy your usual packaged C.D., L.P. or Cassette the listener would purchase the quilt for a similar price to the price of a quilt and the music format and our music would be incorporated into the listener's life. Music buying is such an alien experience. You find yourself purchasing a piece of pre-recorded sound and taking it home to listen to it on a player at home, for your enjoyment. Apart from the case sitting nicely on a shelf beside a multitude of other cases, the music that incorporates itself in every pore of our lives comes packaged in a cold, uninteresting cover. The quilt was exhibited numerous times, people liked the idea and even offered to buy it, but the hope for it was to be picked up by a label and be massed produced. Sadly though, for every attempt we made, labels had said that it would cost too much to produce and was 'impractical'. The tracks were later compiled on a double C.D. called 'Lulla-bye-byes (The Chocolate Boy Years 1998/2000).