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Internal Vaudeville (Band, 2008 to Present)

please direct all booking info / queries to

a.k.a. i.v., Internal Vaudeville, i.v.2.0, i.v.twopointzero

the name of the band/group is taken from a track written by Jazz Mumbles : The full title of the track being ‘The Ballad of Mr. Mondegreen and the Internal Vaudeville’. This track further explores the ideas and wide variety of inner entertainment expunged by the imagination -- sometimes augmented and boosted by chemical manipulation at the molecular level, but yeah, this led to the basterdisation of said concept in the title.


Jazz Mumbles (Musician, Character – Guitar, Bass, Vox, Drums)

Exquestation (Musician, Character – Guitar, Bass, Vox)

Buck Canyon (Musician, Character – Drums) - Mr. Canyon currently back in his own timeline - Nov 2013

Professor Woland (Musician, Character - Guitar)

Stracko Mulveenius (Musician, Character - Drums) - Currently working hard on those circuts of time - Nov 2013

internal vaudeville [iv] are a scatter rock band -- currently a three-piece from the mills and glens of Funkytown & The Great Dunganno... formed mid-2008 as an acoustic duo, iv created character-driven soundscapes echoing the spacious hills of magonia and the expansive surrealities of anatolia.

iv perform both acoustic two-piece and electric three/four-piece sets for your viewing pleasure.

About Members

Jazz Mumbles, (born Petres Van den Heever, January 2999) [soundcloud[1]] Solely responsible for eradicating cannibalistic robots following the seventeenth world war, Petres invented the world's second time machine. Van den Heever travelled the multi-coloured circuts arriving at the gates of green valley where he proceeded to hide the machine in a cave. Following a conversion of the carbon-based fuel to bio-fuel injection system and completing major ground breaking calculations on hover technology, Van den Heever sold the rights of his time-machine blueprint to a famous holywood director sparking a three-movie franchise with Michael J. Fox. Currently in talks to ammend name to Heever-Board.

Travelling forward to the decade known locally as 'the nineties', Petres invested time in stoner-rock grunge ensemble Gardenia[2]. During this explosively energetic period, and if you were in and around Belfast / The Great Dunganno, you would have caught Gardenia live at various venues regularly haunted by the movement. ALongside the live work, Petres studied Musical Brilliance and Furtherment at Bangor.

Gardenia released a five track self-titled EP, and following their dissipation, Jazz Mumbles stepped up his recording / playing / writing, easily boasting over three hundred thousand songs multiplied by volumous structure and style variation. Alongside this body of work, Vand den Heever holds a vast library of musical creations which he regularly adds to, indexed via an analog home recording environment. A very talented multi-instrumentallist, a great mind and particularly gentleman-like is Van den Heever, you'd really like him.

Exquestation, (born Frank Alloucious Saucier, November 1888) [twitter[3], soundcloud[4] wordpress [5]] fell from the eifel tower during a lightening stike on the day of its completion, very luckily landing on a hooded cheval-stand sustaining only slight concussion. Having discovered the higgs field whilst munching on a borgor, Saucier was able to utilise the techology of the day to become the worlds second time-machine inventor. Having fired it up and just missing a cat, Frank landed in the decade known as 'the nineties'.

Selling the blueprints of his time machine to another hollywood movie director, sparking a two-movie franchises with George Carlin, Saucier became a transient member of the short-lived experimental art-noise-band Harry Hitman & The Fire-Fighters [6]. Following the fire of the sound mill, Saucier, along with fellow time-traveller Theron launched hut-lust operations 'the congo' experimenting with broken piano's, gates and radio signals. Following studies of vast quantities of psycho-pharacology on the being known locally as 'the self', Frank spent quite a time experimenting with ink and paper, combining the two in alternative mediums, notably through sound and absinthe. Unfortunately no recordings of shouting ink to the page survived the fire of the Congo, 2004 though one experiment performed alongside Buck with a gate, a distortion pedal and a ghost attracted Satan to the page.

Exquestation contracted the co-morbid, obsessive need to decypher the craft of acoustics alongside Van den Heever whilst in the time dilation hospital of the late 200's AD. Following many's an in-depth discussion on melding this shared appreciation for the best of the genre, instantaneously set about sending sound and ink into the air. The collaborative began to focus on combined craft expansion; of particular notable interest is the Timewave Zero Theory expounded by the late Terrence McKenna, from whom all time-machine charts are mapped. [7] Saucier plans to execute his morbid reality upon the world at large quite soon, you'd find him a daecent sort, oul' Saucier.

Part squid is Frank.

Professor Woland (born James Franklyn Crewbleo) is time lord to a race of superstars from the beeblebrox cluster, left of the number 42. Crewbleo is the worlds second inventor of the time-machine, having first discussed the possibility with the fluglebinders which effect the onboard in-flight hyper-jump capabilities of the Infinite Improbability Drive. Personally responsible for creating Stephen Hawking, James settled in a future utopia for a time to re-adress the rule of twelve monkeys sat at the head of a public zoo, continually depressing buttons which produce a number of time-shift paradox-bubbles which continually fill with multiple Bradd Pitts, which can only be a good thing.

Several decades of outstanding travel later, resolving many complex shifts in the continuum, Crewbleo sold the rights to his time machine blueprints to two simulteneous Holywood directors; sparking two alternative movies, both starring Bruce Willis. Following this, the Professons landed in the time known locally as 'the nineties' and immediately set about building a musical caidence within the scene.

Crewbleo founded the band Novice [8] [9] [10], who went on to secure manys an accalade and hit given the wide variety of discography : live gig-history ratios. Founder and engineer behind Green Valley Studio, The Professor has recorded and produced numerous bands and tracks for the furtherment of the human race and artistic endeavour. Re-forming Novice in the mid 2000s AD, The Professor also set alight the world with outstanding sound and vision having since melding into iv.

Real personable is the professor, witty and extremely eloquent to boot.

Buck Canyon, (born Beyers Theron, March 1739) Theron was the man instrumental in taste-testing the worlds first ever 'pint' of Guinness produced at St. James' Gate brewery, Dublin. Having signed a contract to retain its full flavour, eternally, Theron became the second man to invent a time machine - Buck soon offset the dissipation of two different minutes to the Angelus which propelled him into the decade known loacally as 'the nineties'. This was not before a stop at the turn of the 21st century to lay plans with two other time lords to seed 2di studios (estd. 2003, Funkytown). Before returning to 'the nineties', Buck also sold the blueprints of his time machine to a holywood director, sparking a one movie franchise staring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Beyers is the current Drummer / (*Authoring Guitarist) for the very loud band Mudbitch [11] [12] [13] (*founding* member) -- Preceeding the flow and circutry of another time, Buck was guitarist for 'nineties' grunge-rock band Cabesa, drummer with both the white supremos and the black panthros -- to name but a few. For a time Buck was also guitarist to short-lived experimental art-noise-outfit, Harry Hitman & the Fire-Fighters[14] and has also appeared on manys a recording; including those by Fresh Wheaten, Doctor K et al.

Mr Theron also studied Musical Brilliance and Furtherment in Bangor, is a proficient multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, drums, bass, moose, bodhron and trumpet, violin and banjo, basoon and ghungaroo, dramboo, tromboneforum and waterphone among many, many others. Mr Canyon currently plays in many, many free-base, rock and trad sessions, is a regular contributor to various rock, blues and intergalactic jazz-funk multi-percussion : multi-instrumental gangs of an evening around the known universe. Currently studying The Philosophy of Linguistics, Life and The True Nature of Reality Buck is instrumental in creating many, many, MANY algorythms which map the peripheries of the unknown universe. All round gent is Beyers, real good skin.

EDIT NOV 2013 - Buck has answered the calling to investigate why it is 'nine' appears so frequently in the multi-verse - and is taking a loop of 'nine' to investigate a universal ammendment to the 'snooze' buttons on the alarm clocks of every dimension -- returning to his own timeline for further expediated requirements, Buck has prepared and executed perfetly the timing, of time study - Hai.

Acoustic Beginning (mid-2008 to Present)

iv formed mid 2008 as a scatter-rock / space-folk acoustic jam duo racking up more than fifty songs (correct at date of publication), none of which have been professionally recorded, yet. iv in its acoustic incarnation have played support to the likes of Ricky Warwick, Newly appointed lead singer of Thin Lizzy [15], Michael Mormecha of Mojo Fury[16] & Clown Parlour[17], Cookstown power trio Novice [18] and Virginian Americana band, The Steel Wheels [19] (Trent and Jay).

During this time iv have performed a number of local gigs and released one self-recorded, self-titled 5-track ep.[20] iv have also had the great pleasure of playing with with Big Monster Love, Little Sausage Disorder, and of course Mudbitch who are very close to creating the perfect note. iv continue to grow a live and archive audience, hate facebook like every sensible person, but are here to be tolerable of the demons inherent in social media networking. a guy's gotta live...

Further Acoustic examples on the Sound Cloud pages can be found here on this little magic number... [21] purdy... So having evolved a number of existing tracks and created many more new ones, 'the book of days' 9 track LP is mapped and is due for recording / pressing mid 2014.

Electrical Flux (mid-2012 to Present)

iv can be found in 2di and Green Valley Studios with recent addition of Green Valley Studios owner / producer Professor Woland (Novice [22] [23] [24]). Alone or combined, iv produce extended jazz / blues / rock / funk / soul / indie / alternative /grunge improvs alongside multi-duplicitous cover versions of songs by the likes of Cream, Hendrix, Gallagher, Redding, Pestorious to name a very few. Original material from the team is in development and the triggers are set for recording, every second of every day.

Mid-2012 iv began to explore the electrical arena further as Jazz Mumbles and Exquestation were joined by Buck Canyon for an very impromptu electrical support slot to Novice[25]. Opening with Little Sausage Disorder, this formula worked so well, iv since met with sporadic-regularity, recorded six rehersal demos and currently have a pot on the boil which has the stones of over thirty tunes in just under a year (plus life). Current work includes live gigs, most recently at the The Pavillion, Belfast with Mudbitch / Big Monster Love for a pre-Christmas Attack and a recent solo double-show 'Gigs Boson' at The Black Horse, Cookstown.

Current arrangement is Professor Woland (splendiferous and full guitar), Exquestation (fingerful fretless without a fret about it), Jazz Mumbles (chief manipulator of the presence of the soul & guitar) and Mulveenius (backbone shaking skin thwacker of a chap). With the odd guest appearance by a musical master locked in sporadic regularity, i.v. is a vehicle for therapy, but catharsis became more focused as boozy jams merged with school-night cool through the circuts of time, expanding personal freedoms, jamming for private parties and current live audiences this side of 42.

Plans are afoot to play infinitly more acoustic-electric double-sets in venues across the known universe -- also a-foot is the recording of a number of those new tracks mid-2013 for submission to various Irish / UK festivals 2014/2015. With the UK / Ireland tour 2014/2015 under advisement, a 7” split-single with Green Valley on that lovely substance, vinyl is also in discussion.

Finally, the very strong possibility of both electric 12” and acoustic 12" release early to mid-2014 is a hot topic, if funding is secured via live work.

Self-titled Ep (2008)

          “... tracks cover a diverse range of topics from life, death, love, music, eschatology, invisible landscapes, 
          French peasants and glossolalia to name but a few, i.v. enjoy little more than evolving ideas and experimenting 
          with sound..."
          1. Another Sunrise 3:40(JM)
          2. Under the Skies of Magonia 4:02(JM)
          3. Glossolalia 3:12(JM)
          4. Gotageta 3:46(JM)
          5. Muckle the Mannequin 4:16(JM/E)

Feel free to access the 5-track e.p. at bandcamp there [26] - free to download and all donations much appreciated, all proceeds will go toward getting us back to our own times...

Book of days Album (2013)

          "... ‘the book of days’ project is designed to hold balance of both of dark and light and to carry a flow as smooth 
          as a the set of sound waves it is carried upon ... the tracks are being designed and listed to flow in graceful
          entanglement, while maintaing their unique identities ... including ... character-driven sound stages of myth-laced
          fiction ... poetic visions of novelty, death and desire ... patriarchal dreams which dissect old man time himself...”
          Acoustic LP - Autumn 2013
               i.v. - Book of Days
           Onset 	  1. Sunrise
           Soonday 	  2. Day Repeating
           Moonday 	  3. Black Wolf
           Chooseday      4. Looking for Apples
           Wodensay 	  5. Ragnarok
           Thorsday       6. Jiggernaught
           Freyasday      7. Deyavoo
           Saturnsday  	  8. Leditgo
           Aftermath  	  9. Muckle the Mannequin

The album is nine tracks and is set for recording once funds are secured via live gigs in 2013.


... band camp download can be found here [27]

you will find regular feeds, updates and nonsense about daily life on Planet Earth by lead character, Mr. Mondegreen on facebook [28]

four-page e-brocheure here - [29]

iv on reverbnation, includes 5-track EP [30]

google plus [31]

lastfm [32]

listube [33]

lo-fi introduction vidi on youtube [34]

iv on myspace [35]


-i.v.twopointzero twitter feed here [36]

-Exquestation twitter feed here [37]


- group page [38]

- Jazz Mumbles [39]

- Buck Canyon [40]

- Exquestation [41]


-A lazy iv blogroll can be found here [42]

-An even lazier one from Exquestation on here [43], there it is and thanks for taking that time to be interested ... iv

--Exquestation 13:41, 27 November 2012 (GMT) [Most Recent Edits - 17th July 2013]