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Fastfude is a labour of love, maintained with whatever spare time and energy is available. It has server & developer costs to pay though, and advertising is a simple way to cover those costs without being too much hassle to maintain.

If you have a product, event or something to promote to the Fastfude audience, there are two main options:

For large-scale promotions, several large graphical banner slots are available sitewide - for details and rates email

Sticky Topics

For artists, bands, promoters and small music businesses that don't have big company finances to support them, we also offer a sticky topic service.

Ordinary topic posts can fall onto page two or three in mere minutes on a busy day, never to be seen again. To address this, you can now 'sticky' your topic in the sidebar, just below the page navigation links.

Your topic's headline will appear a fixed number of times (or impressions) in this slot all over the site, linking to the topic page. To avoid burning through the impressions too quickly on a busy day, they are spread out at random over a 30 day period. For example, if you book a block of 50,000 impressions, your topic will appear in the sidebar on average 1,666 times a day.

To sticky a topic, simply open the topic while logged in as the author and click the STICKY THIS THREAD IN THE SIDEBAR! link just above the first post.

General forum topics can't be stickied, so make sure you post to the appropriate forum!

Current prices are available on the booking page.

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