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Cuckoo were a four-piece band from Derry. The band gained attention with the release of their 'Non-Sequitur'EP which led to a single I Don't Want to Get Up being released on indie lable Pet Sounds, this in turn brought them to the attention of Geffen who signed them and released their debut and only album ‘Breathing Lessons’ in 1998. The quartet released three singles off the album, ‘Non-Sequitur’, ‘Blackmail’ and ‘What’s It All About’ which did moderately well in Ireland.

In 1999, the band returned for a short time with a new lineup before disbanding.


Past Members

  • Una (Bass/vocals)


Breathing Lessons (1998)

  1. Big Mistake
  2. Central
  3. Gold and Silver
  4. Blackmail
  5. For a Week or Two
  6. Don't Wanna Get Up
  7. What's It All About
  8. Non Sequitur
  9. Assume
  10. Potential
  11. Wink of Sleep
  12. Pocket Friends

Non-Sequitur EP (1996)

I Don't Want to Get Up (single)

Colonized EP (1994)



'Blackmail' video by Cuckoo