Cottage Industry

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The first real laura aura and the shoy shoy boy release, being a double C.D. and having a 26 page booklet, it wasn't an easy feat. Songs were all quite badly recorded, considering we didn't have a microphone, so sung a lot of the tracks through the hole in a semi-acoustic guitar. It had to be recorded on tape and layered by flipping tapes which clouded most of the songs with air. One of my (Davidt) favourite songs sits on the first C.D. of this album: 'you are what you are not not what you are'. I think it sums up the philosophical, kiddie, playful nature of Laura and I and although Laura didn't have much work on this album, she did sing beautifully on 'i will' and write all the lyrics to 'attraction'. Most of this album was devised while I was in Disneyland Florida explaining the big Disney theme. It's not anti-Disney, or anti-corporate, more of a 'look what one man can create... isn't that amazing?!' sort of attitude. It's about what you can achieve by yourself and 'cottage industry' the track sums up the album, which sums up us.