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Experimental/electronic producer Barry Cullen releases audio and video work under the name BEW (Barry’s Electric Workshop). Part of the Dodgy Stereo collective, Barry blends noise and images from old junk with hi-fi sounds and graphics, trying to find a balance between creating something new and making it fit along with something recycled.

Namedropping hits include audio/visual support for: Liars, Four Tet, Surgeon and Regis, Buck 65, Le Fly Pan Am, Les Georges Leningrad, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Boxcutter, the Alphabet Set, Filaria, Jupiter Ace, Digital Mystikz, Wolf Eyes, Roni Size, David Holmes and many others...

FESTIVALS: Belfast (Belfast Film Festival / Illegal Picnic / Oscillations / Curfew / ISEA), Antrim (Home Made Jam) Dublin (Project Arts Centre hosts Factotum), Roscommon (Mantua), Paris (Les Eschafodages), Venice (Bienalle), Prague (Stop, Look, Listen), Brno (NewNew), New York (Share), Toronto (Somewhere There)




(imaginary film scores and provocative tones)