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Bam Bam and the Calling were a New Wave band from Derry, active during the mid-late eighties.


The band were formed in April 1983 by Paul PJ McCartney ex of punk band Grafitti and Tom Doherty as a drum orientated combo. The band went through many lineup changes over the years and counted John McCloskey, Raymond Gorman, George Quigley and Joe Brown as members .

In 1986 Bam Bam And The Calling appeared on the BBC NI programme 'Channel One' in a show recorded in The Venue in Derry. They performed two songs, 'New Surroundings' and' Talking Aloud'. After moving to London they released two unsucsessful singles, 'Scraping Off The Shine' in 1987 and 'Neck Tattoo' in 1988. Soon after the band split.

In September 2000 Bam Bam reformed for a charity gig with The Moondogs and The Undertones in The Vibe in Derry. In August 2001 they played The Gasyard Festival.

In 2007 PJ hit the road with a new band The Rural Felini. For this venture he assembled his brothers Gavin and Rio and David Doherty. They later formed their own band Here Comes The Landed Gentry.

John McCloskey was involved in the establishment of The Nerve Centre in Derry and in his guise as writer, director and animator was nominated for a BAFTA award in 2008.


  • Paul McCartney (vocals and guitar)
  • John McCloskey (Guitar)'
  • Joe Brown (Bass)
  • Thomas Doherty (Drums)


  • Scraping Off The Shine (1987)
  • Neck Tattoo ('1988)


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New Surroundings live on the 'Channel One' Programme 1986