1. avatar REDEYE_CHRIS
    My first post!
    Hey all,
    A quick question about gig venues. I know all the venues around belfast, and where's hot and where's not, but outside Belfast im a bit out of my depth!!! Does anyone know of venues outside the city where bands can play? Any feedback would be appreciated, Chris. REDEYE.

  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
  3. avatar stevie


    Bound For Boston

    Gweedore Music Hall

    Dungloe Bar

    for bigger events:

    Nerve Centre


  4. avatar thesneakybandit
    the oak in portadown
  5. avatar EQS
    Cheers in Lurgan
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    OUt of town promoters who are worth a shout include ( note not an exhaustive list it's off the top of my head.

    Dee McKee - THe Hoot, Downpatrick
    Edel - THe Common Rooms, Dungannon
    Andy zsp - The Retro, Portrush
    Anthony - Sandino's, Derry
    Arcane Nemesis - Gildernews, Armagh

    There are more like - most of them can be contacted through their PMs on here.
  7. avatar dave_redeye
    cheers for the replies, much appreciated...
  8. avatar Cris
    My first post!
    Jellyfish promo Portadown:
    The oak,

    Republica Lurgan
    Bar Cuba,
    Celi house.
  9. avatar Andrew
    Ballymoney: The Bush Tavern
  10. avatar Enixs