1. avatar jenniemcc
    [size=18:5795119204]AUNTIE ANNIE'S

    [b:5795119204]UITA #17
    Ed Zealous
    Docotors In Session
    The HellFire Club[/b:5795119204]

    Doors 9pm Adm £3[/size:5795119204]

  2. avatar chrisjedijane
    Hellfire club are amazing - i shall be down at this methinks, work permitting.

    any ideas of stage times?
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Am much looking forward to seeing Ed Zealous.
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    stage times?

    HellFire Club 10.00
    Docs In Session 10.40
    Ed Zealous 11.30

    And yes - Ed Zealous rock. Saw them last Thurs at Limelight and they were F A B.
  5. avatar The Spin Doctor
    looking forward to this one, should be cool.
  6. avatar thehellfireclub
    we forsee it will be pure belter
  7. avatar thegingeritalian

    i shall miss this old poster
    hope the swines at the weekend managed to leave at least a couple on the walls!!
  8. avatar The Spin Doctor
    big time, i want one for my wall!
  9. avatar jenniemcc
    There were plenty up in AAs when I was last there, but I think I have a few still in the house so I'll bring one along just for you Jason!
  10. avatar thehellfireclub
    can we have a couple and all?
  11. avatar jenniemcc
    yeh sure. posters for all!
  12. avatar thegingeritalian
    what can i say...
    great show!

    and here's a few more in the pipe line folks....

    Mon 27 March The Flaws Irish Tour with Driving By Night, Hoax @ Lav's Bunker
    Tues 28 March Derry-Belfast City Swap with Skruff, Chadsko, Farago @ AAs
    Tues 4 April UITA #18 with Betes Noires, The Winding Stair, Barry Peak @ AAs

    god bless :)
  13. avatar xfirefishx
    Great show.
    Hellfire Club actually rock very very hard. I recommend people get down to see them.
    Ed Zealous - was really looking forward to seeing them. Great tunes. Nice presence. Loved it.