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    I have been looking forward to this gig for aaaages. Still seems like years away! Haven't heard The Noires live yet and am real keen to. Plus Angelfall are one of my fav local bands
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    you might want to check the spelling there......
  4. avatar Sir Gawain
    I see what you mean, not that it wound be like anyone in TKOTRT to spell something wrong he he :P
  5. avatar Sir Gawain
    [quote:99e43ab174="Sir Gawain"]wound[/quote:99e43ab174]
    Gord Damn it!
  6. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yes, that dodgy spelling is really annoying

    The bands, though, are not, and will ROCK!
  7. avatar Ryan Betes Noires
    This Thursday :)
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  8. avatar huggy baps
    will try and get down to this myself, had a great nite when we played last thurs
  9. avatar AngelaMOK
    Are Bliss doing stuff this thursday?
  10. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yes chum, BLISS will be doing their thang between music segments and will have a protracted stint prior to the headline band. This has only been organized recently and so was confirmed after the posters were made. It's a shame we couldn't get BLISS on there, though knowing how our spelling works in TKOTRT it would probably come up as "LIBSS", he he.

    TKOTRT will stick an announcement up here later tonight or tomorrow morning about it with some more particular details.
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    Since Mr Expressway didn't seem to be correcting the spelling, I decided to:
    (though I was tempted to change it to [i:a6b9409ef0]God Talking Sole[/i:a6b9409ef0] too.)
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    Is there anything you can't do Speed Demon?!
  14. avatar Sir Gawain
    hey dudes

    sir gawain here again. this upcoming knight is gonna be a really happening time. i know a couple of people from the bete noires and they are top notch musicians. also we'll be giving some notice on the upcoming OMAC performance the knights are planning. more will be revealed if you come on thursday.

    fare thee well for now
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  16. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yeo! Up the BLISS crew mo fo
  17. avatar Knightsoftheroundtable
    [i:22bfc1b152]ANGELFALL[/i:22bfc1b152] HAVE PULLED OUT :evil:

    [i:22bfc1b152]IMPERIAL BLETHER[/i:22bfc1b152] WILL BE TAKING THEIR SLOT
  18. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yeo! Up the IMPERIAL BLETHER crew mo fo
  19. avatar Knightsoftheroundtable




    and also featuring HENNA TATTOOS for those that want them from ALICE and POI (JUGGLING / DANCING) from new TKOTRT member ISIS
  20. avatar huggy baps
  21. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yeo! Have to admit, this looks like a nice juicy lineup :-D

    Hit into Marty yesterday HB. The first thing I said in the street to get his attention was a good loud "heeeee heeeeee", Michael Jackson style! He was saying youse might be down tonite. Would be good to re-unite the the HuggyB--FiddlerOnTheRoof--Ruairi--Alice--Marty crew for a beer and a bit of a "shamone mo fo "
  22. avatar huggy baps
    :lol: im sure that grabbed his attention anyway! Aye sounds good, but the funds arent too hot at the minute unfortunately, especially with Deftones tickets being released themarra! But am gonna try and make it down anyway, yeo!
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    I mean, 'good man HB'
  24. avatar wrinkledrug
    Shamon Mo fo.....see ya all tonight ma homies
  25. avatar Dux
    lookin forward to this!
  26. avatar huggy baps
    Doesnt look like i'll be able to make it, unless i find a few quid down the back of the sofa, or mug someone. Good luck with it though! :cry:
  27. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    I hear ya boss. Never worry, Wrinkledrug and me will have a pint in your honour and, as you would say, "keep 'er lit" !
  28. avatar Sir Gawain
    greetings all

    tis me agian. cant wait its only a very short while til my highlight of the week. imperial bleather do so rock and im looking forward to hearing them again. plus the betes noires and the rest of the poets that are usually there is all i need to end my thursdays on a high

    see you all there
  29. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Hey Adrian, hope you had a good highlight. I sure did, thanks for all your help man, good (k)night.
  30. avatar huggy baps
    how'd it go then? :(
  31. avatar Dux
    great show and a good turnout peeps!
  32. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Yeah, good show mo fo!

    I will get a bit of my traditional write-up going on here when the hangover clears! Well done to the musicians& all else

    Had a beer for you HB, as did Ruairi, so you were there in spirit
  33. avatar Speed Demon
    Photographs on line already!

    A great night of very diverse arts and entertainment. Well done to all involved.
  34. avatar huggy baps
    [quote:2ad81ab6a7="FiddlerOnTheRoof"]Had a beer for you HB, as did Ruairi, so you were there in spirit[/quote:2ad81ab6a7]

    why thankyou :-) ill be at the next one though, so we can all have a prapper beer
  35. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    SD, this is your BEST BATCH OF PHOTOS YET, really captures the mood of the evening and the fun involved for one and all.

    My personal favourite has got to be of the inimitable Sir Gawain

  36. avatar Sir Gawain
    yes i agrree

    sir gawain was really getting into the swing of things. the knight was brilliant and im looking forward to next thursday.
  37. avatar cosmic_debris
    good to see the knights finally getting the respect and praise they deserve!
  38. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    Thanks Cosmic! :smt023
    Good onya mate
  39. avatar FiddlerOnTheRoof
    [ from www.theknightsoftherountable.net ]

    Another Festival of Fun at the Pavilion! The place was rammed again; this week, as early on as about 9:30, there was a real hefty crowd in.

    The walls were decked out in an intentionally minimalist style by legendary local artist "Bongo" John Macormic. Two huge abstract pieces dominated the room on the left wall (opposite the bar counter) and people were constantly seen standing in front of them with their eyes goggling as they entered the curious world of Bongo's imagination.

    As for poetry, chief kudos has to go to Knights favourite Gerard McKeown, who got up and did a blinder of a set. In the wake of a mixed response to his performance last week, he was as on the ball as ever this time round and the crowd showed their admiration my screaming applause and smothering him with kisses...
    Phat Bob also did an especially well-received poetry stint, and Brian Bailey made it down to show support, getting up to do a couple of equally well-received pieces. Camel's poem was outshone only by her skirt; it boasted an impressive image of a Hindu goddess and glimmered hypnotically in the stage-lights as she read.

    One of the two [i:e27188de7d]God Talking Soul[/i:e27188de7d] musicians was unable to make it in the end, but the singer/guitarist who did play put across a good, solid set. Reminiscent of James Dean Bradfield from [i:e27188de7d]The Manic Street Preachers[/i:e27188de7d].

    Knights favourites [i:e27188de7d]Imperial Blether[/i:e27188de7d] came back for their second gig with us, filling a gap that had been left by [i:e27188de7d]Angelfall's[/i:e27188de7d] unfortunate last-minute cancellation. This time they had a banner with them, which they hung next to TKOTRT's "Merlin" logo that customarily decks out the back of the stage. The group's impressive use of unusual rhythms, including reggae / ska influences, helps them stand apart from more conventional bands on the scene. Their emphasis on MELODY (as opposed to distortion& and what OAPs like to call "noise"/ a racket) enhances their listenability and general appeal.

    The recently re-vamped [i:e27188de7d]Betes Noires[/i:e27188de7d] were bumped up to the prestigious headline slot after the original 'line band cancelled, and they rose to the occasion very well indeed. I would agree with the general feed-back from the several music-heads in the audience, who I got chatting with as regards the band's performance: new member Angie, on keys, vocals, tambourine, added the dimension of originality that the group greatly needed. The performance went down very well.

    [i:e27188de7d]BLISS[/i:e27188de7d] were in da house to do some experimental electronica between the spoken word and other musical segments. They sat at a long table with computer equipment and created ambient, abstract music that seemed to me to match Bongo John's equally abstract art pieces very well. At first people thought the four guys huddled over their laptops were embroiled in a 4-player game of Super Mario Bros, but on closer inspection they were actually making some groovy tunes. At times they sampled bits from spoken segments performed earlier in the evening and played them back as a part of their performance.

    [i:e27188de7d]Isis[/i:e27188de7d] was present and did some fine poi-dancing during the last band's set. Thanks also to TKOTRT buddy Speed Demon, who took excellent photos and made them available to the group.

    Good on everyone who came down or helped out with our (k)night of deviant decadence,

    Thomas L Muinzer
    Damaging Director