1. avatar Beau Sooth
    Don't know if this has been covered before but I've been listening to the white album recently and it got me thinking about my favourite double albums.It seems quite hard to sustain quality songs over a double and I suppose that seems true by the lack of ones that spring to mind.

    The few I can think of would be:
    Beatles-The White Album
    Zep's-Physical Graffiti
    Nick Cave's-Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

    Others escape me at the moment.

    Any Ideas?
  2. avatar comprachio
    Generally don't like double albums.

    Eels - Blinking lights
    SP - Mellon Collie
    Beatles - White

    My faves but they can't help thinking they'd have been amazing single albums
  3. avatar boredreceptionist
    My first post!
    I really love Now44!!!!! :lol:
  4. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Guns N F├╝cking Roses. "Use Your Illusion" I & II.
  5. avatar Handsome Gaz
    if i were a receptionist id never get bored, id eat tuna salads and read take a break magazine.

    Double albums are a bad bad idea. I cant think of a single one i like very much at all.
  6. avatar zebulon
    [b:d1ed8c84ea]Double Nickels on the Dime[/b:d1ed8c84ea] - Minutemen
    [b:d1ed8c84ea]Live After Death[/b:d1ed8c84ea] - Iron Maiden]
    [b:d1ed8c84ea]Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven[/b:d1ed8c84ea] - Godspeed You Black Emperor!
    [b:d1ed8c84ea]Made in Japan[/b:d1ed8c84ea] - Deep Purple
    [b:d1ed8c84ea]Space Ritual[/b:d1ed8c84ea] - Hawkwind

    plus the aforementioned Cave, Zep and Beatles.

    There are more but I cannae bring 'em to mind without looking in my vinyl box.
  7. avatar leesub60
    husker du - zen arcade
    the cure - kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
    husker du - warehouse: songs and stories
    captain beefheart - trout mask replica
  8. avatar Seamusmaguidhir
    [quote:cb34c2b671="Handsome Gaz"]Double albums are a bad bad idea. I cant think of a single one i like very much at all.[/quote:cb34c2b671]

    That is causing me all manner of headaches.


    Not only a double album but live too!
  9. avatar Handsome Gaz
    hmmm, i dont think live albums really count. nor do greatest hits.
  10. avatar Beau Sooth
    As interesting/original as it is I find Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica very hard to listen to for any length of time,find Clear Spot a bit easier.Forgot about Husker Du and the Pumpkins album(although I think siamese dream is better).
  11. avatar feline1
    Let's not forget THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON CARRYDUFF ROUNDABOUT by Genesis & Brian Eno

    And COBRA AND PHASES GROOP PLAY VOLTAGE IN THE MILKY NIGHT by Stereolab (although half of that was dull, wheras a single album of the best stuff would've been fantawstic!)
    Actually, loads of those Stereolab albums have been double vinyl, but I tend not to notice cos for me they're just one "Compact" disc.

    Kraftwerk's neu! MINIMUM-MAXIMUM double live album is rather fine.
  12. avatar zebulon
    I'd concur that greatest hits doubles can't be counted, but why not live albums?
    While they [i:13d4e660c4]are[/i:13d4e660c4] compilations of a sort, they are just as much an individual document as a studio album, and very often present the band in way that studio albums cannot.
  13. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Indeed. See

    Depeche Mode: Live 101.
  14. avatar kingmob
    Sign of the times cannot be bettered. Prince doesn't have a duff song on that.
  15. avatar Handsome Gaz
    I think the reason most double albums are godawful is simply that the artists very rarely have the quantity of quality to justify the product. If someone were to actually put out a 25 song set that I Could consistantly enjoy, written and recorded in and around the same period and keep me hooked throughout the hour and a half then Id be extremely impressed (It hasnt happened yet).

    On the other hand if you take an established act with more than three albums under the belt, then really a quality live double album shouldnt be hard to throw together. Theyve maybe had 5-10 years to "write" that double album.

    I suppose though it depends on each instance and I certainly couldnt claim to have listened to all the double albums released or even all the double albums listed on this thread- regardless of whether they are live or not.
  16. avatar Jim Cava
    Joes Garage
  17. avatar Beau Sooth
    Oh just remembered:

    Wilco's-Being There isn't a bad effort for a double album but granted they are never as good a single albums.Even with single albums I tend to like them on the shorter side.
  18. avatar LennyGC
    Being There by Wilco is a double album without any filler. 19 songs and everyone earns its place. I love Wilco I do.
  19. avatar Beau Sooth
    It is a good album indeed.Hey Lenny I like the photo,I was at that gig and played myself(boathouse) and it was the first time I saw you guys.Have to say grand central are one of my favourite local bands,been bigging you up to me mates.
  20. avatar Firebobbie Mark
    melloncollie and the infinite saddness
  21. avatar edwin mcfee
    can't believe no-one's mentioned London Calling yet.

    ach well.
  22. avatar Handsome Gaz
    bingo! double album i actually like!

    I did not realise it was a double album having never owned the record, just the cd.

    hmmm..i wonder are there other double albums ive loved that have fooled me by fitting snuggly on one cd?
  23. avatar iain_thesmallprint
    Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

    Oh man...SO good.
  24. avatar greensleevesisgod
    ELP - Works Vol 1
    The Beatles - The Beatles
    Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.

    For triple albums then 'Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends' by ELP
  25. avatar chrisjedijane
    That's the confusing thing - are we talking about double albums on CD or vinyl? as Gaz said, London Calling is a double but fits on one CD.

    2 sides of vinyl can maybe fit at most about 50 odd minutes of music on them, so should we count in any albums at 100 mins plus? My vinyl copy of Machina by the pumpkins is a double, but I'd class it as a single album (it's about 74 mins long).

    my choice: Druqks by Aphex Twin
  26. avatar ebs93
    After a surprising little chat over at metalireland - The River by Springsteen
  27. avatar Beau Sooth
    I'd say if it was released before the advent of cds, on double vinyl format then count it as a double album.There also have been recent cd's released with the intention to be doubles like Nick Cave's last and Lambchop's Aw C'mon/No You C'mon.

    Songs in the key of life is a decent double album(if a bit overrated)
  28. avatar Beau Sooth
    Oooops totally for got about one of the first rock double albums (and one of the best?)cause again I've got it on a single CD:

    Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde.
  29. avatar EPK
    Todd Rundgren...Something/Anything.
    That stuff dripping out of it is the excess melody. It was just too full already.
  30. avatar greensleevesisgod
    How could I forget the classic: Soft Machine - Third!!!!
  31. avatar Handsome Gaz
    Blonde on blonde and London Calling then.

    Turns out I actually do like some double albums. :?
  32. avatar Handsome Gaz
    hmmm...and now i think about it, Mansun's "six" was probably a double on record as well.
  33. avatar Beau Sooth
    Something/Anything is another one that slipped the mind.Totally love it,good thinking EPK.
  34. avatar ryankozzi
    there is only one

  35. avatar thesacredhearts
    Neil Young - Weld

    Double live album infact. Still brilliant.


    Lamchop - Aww C'mon/No you c'mon
    Ryan Adams - Gold Roses
    Gram Parsons - GP/Grevious Angel (technically a double album?)
    Prince - Sign o the times
    Prince - Emancipation
  36. avatar muttlee
    it's just sooooooooooooo angsty!
  37. avatar Micksimus
    My first post!
    MUDHONEY-March to fuzz. great album
  38. avatar all-is-vanity
    Whatever happened to The Who? Come on people!!!

    I'll throw Bitches Brew in there too...
  39. avatar The Utopians
    Is 1.Outside by Dave Bowie a double album?
    If so it and "The Lamb..." by Genesis are my favourites, 's'where I go for m'crimes of the solar anus 'n docked dick fix...
  40. avatar SMICKsmack
    [quote:a3154eabd5="Handsome Gaz"]if i were a receptionist id never get bored, id eat tuna salads and read take a break magazine.

    Double albums are a bad bad idea. I cant think of a single one i like very much at all.[/quote:a3154eabd5]

    Not even the white album??? It covers almost ever genre from the 30's upwards!!

    Dave Matthews Band - Live at Luther College. Simply devine piece of live acoustic work.
  41. avatar the er
    i skim read so dunno if its been said already but mellon collie is up there for me
  42. avatar whosbainejakey
    [quote:33c4832613]MUDHONEY-March to fuzz. great album[/quote:33c4832613]

    That's actually a *triple* album - and also a "best and rest of" type affair, making it innelligible for this thread under article 7 paragraph 3 of the Geneva Convention...
  43. avatar Niall Harden
    this is pointless, to some extent, by the point rasied by someone that a bunch of albums that once were double LP are now single CD, and loads of double CD albums are now just a bunch of MP3s which take a wee bit longer to listen to than other bunches of MP3s..

    but, yes, some albums were designed as doubles, and most all the ones i can think of have been mentioned so muh..

    perhaps red rice by eliza carthy has not, but i don't like it much so MUH.

    oh, that second album by Godspeed You Black Emperor! is great, or Live at the Royal Albert Hall by Spiritualized.. and for a triple album, see 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields
  44. avatar whosbainejakey
    [quote:055e32f528]for a triple album, see 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields[/quote:055e32f528]

    Yes! That is so bloody good, though I've just realised I don't actually own it :(

    Maybe I'll replace my copied minidisc of it with the triple vinyl edition? I'm also realising that I haven't used my wee minidisc player in aaaaages...
  45. avatar Warren Drugs
    'Tago Mago' not been mentioned?

    Here Brule Thesp, some of thon Magnetic Fields for free download here:
  46. avatar Shark
    Scorpions - "World Wide Live"
  47. avatar Micksimus
    [[i:87cf144993]quote]That's actually a *triple* album.[/i:87cf144993] Oops HMV must have withheld one of my Mudhoney discs because i only got two.[[i:87cf144993]quote] and also a "best and rest of" type affair, making it innelligible for this thread under article 7 paragraph 3 of the Geneva Convention...[/i:87cf144993]Geneva Convention, always gets in the way of a bit of fun.[/quote]
  48. avatar Evangeline
    Dunno if anyone's mentioned Outcast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below it's a pretty cool double album. Frank Zappa's Freak Out and Exile on main street by the Stones are two more i can think of.
  49. avatar Meerium
    'ariel' by kate bush is pretty amazing. 'get away from me' by nellie mckay is also class.
  50. avatar feline1
    yes but I saw one of those annoyingly-emotionally-manipulative NSPCC adverts on telly, using some auld Kate Bush song.
    Hilariously, it wasn't 'The Infant Kiss'... :twisted:
  51. avatar smittennn
    had an illustrated post but lost it behinfd the firewall.
    all interesting suggestions indeed.

    here's some off the top as it were

    JOHN COLTRANE - a love supreme
    TEST DEPARTMENT - beating the retreat
    and surprised it's not been mentioned
    SONIC YOUTH - daydream nation.

    much more rattling around in the fileboxes i my head -
    we need mac's encyclopedic mind for this topic!
  52. avatar pcp
    not quite sure if it'd be classed as a double album cos there's only 12 songs but it comes on 2 cd's so Alice in Chains Jar of Flies/Sap is definitely worthy of a mention :D
  53. avatar Beau Sooth
    Ahhhh! Daydream Nation! good album,good tinking!
  54. avatar pcp
    just remembered Dave Clarke - World Service
  55. avatar whipchorus
    Sign O' The Times is a great example of a double album that covers so much ground without losing the tune factor. There are a couple of songs on there that are merely good but so much is fantastic. Lot's of doubles have weak "sides" but not this one.

    The fact that this was preceded by 1999 (double), Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day and Parade in the space of 5 years is staggering.
  56. avatar Numbnut Sounds
    [quote:50fcaf028f="Shark"]Scorpions - "World Wide Live"[/quote:50fcaf028f]

    WOOHOO - "Here i am.....Rock you like a Hurricane"

    My brother tortured me with that album as a kid...think i know all the words.
  57. avatar gl2200
    [quote:e5fab1b54e="smittennn"]much more rattling around in the fileboxes i my head -
    we need mac's encyclopedic mind for this topic![/quote:e5fab1b54e]

    I'm not to be trusted when it comes to multiple vinyl LPs - the fact that I think [i:e5fab1b54e]Sandinista![/i:e5fab1b54e], for all its myriad faults, is the Clash's best LP speaks volumes. [i:e5fab1b54e]London Calling[/i:e5fab1b54e] actually does comparatively little for me - there are better boots of live versions of nearly all the songs floating around.

    Anyhoo: double LPs I dig out and listen to every now and then -

    [i:e5fab1b54e]Tommy & Quadrophenia - The Who
    Atem & Zeit - Tangerine Dream
    Children Of God - Swans
    English Settlement - XTC[/i:e5fab1b54e]

    [i:e5fab1b54e]Metal Machine Music[/i:e5fab1b54e] must surely get a mention for most audacious double LP.
  58. avatar feline1
    Atem is only a single album, y'all!
    (It does include the fawntastic "WAHN" though,
    where Edgar Froese clubs everyone to death with his mellotron)

    ZEIT is a double, but it also completely ahine!
    I like "The Birth of Liquid Plejades" best, for it's filter-swept cello drones and wimhurst-style VCS3 spagules.
  59. avatar gl2200
    [quote:a4feb82ce8="feline1"]Atem is only a single album, y'all! [/quote:a4feb82ce8]

    You are entirely correct. I had forgotten that my copy is a strange gatefold version which has [i:a4feb82ce8]Atem[/i:a4feb82ce8] on one disc and [i:a4feb82ce8]Alpha Centuri[/i:a4feb82ce8] on the other.
  60. avatar feline1
    I fear I must make mention of "TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS" double album by Yes at this point though.

    Bizarrely, this album was lauded by critics and adored by the public on its release in 1974, actually topping the UK album charts.
    However ever since about 1976 it tended to be regarded as the archetypal "BAD" prog rawk disgrace, with ludicrous overindulgence, and so much pretension that each song had to have two titles, and the gatefold sleeve included a small essay about how Anderson & Howe had developed the albums concept by reading some Spastic Scriptures or sthg.

    And yeah, it does involve utter ludicrousness such as side 3 consisting of a perfectly pleasant 2 minute folk song, which gets bloated to 27 minutes by the addition of a demonic xylophone solo and this bit where Rick Wakeman is sick in his own hair.

    But the album does nonetheless feature some quite searing bits with superb elegaic melodies and wee Jon Anderson bouncing up to the moon with sheer glee and drama.

    But I suppose that doesn't change the fact that they could've put all the good bits into 25 minutes and cut the rest of the crap 8)

    But yeah by favourite bit is in "High the Memory" or sthg where they all go into 7/4 and Chris Squire invents the entire recorded catalogue of Jean-Jacques Burnel and Anderson yelps "FAIL SAFE NOW!" and it's like harmony moague and mellotron all in different timesignatures at once so you can pogo with three different limbs at the same time and still have one spare to deck yourself with, YAY!
  61. avatar whosbainejakey
    [quote:c242cc542a]Oops HMV must have withheld one of my Mudhoney discs because i only got two[/quote:c242cc542a]

    You only get 2 discs with the CD version, but the gatefold vinyl is split across six sides of glorious wax!
  62. avatar feline1
    Yes and I heard they used *real* earwax, rather than the normal polyvinylchloride... :x
  63. avatar whosbainejakey
    It provides a warmer sound don't you know...
  64. avatar drakeguild
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  65. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:5dbb20d71e="Niall Harden"]oh, that second album by Godspeed You Black Emperor! is great, or Live at the Royal Albert Hall by Spiritualized.. and for a triple album, see 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields[/quote:5dbb20d71e]

    I was just about to mention all of these...

    69 Love Songs has enough REALLY good material to make a double album, the stuff thats not so good can go on CD 3.
  66. avatar postacidyouth
    The Fragile - Nine Inch Nails
  67. avatar Beau Sooth
  68. avatar foamboy
    Boldly and shamelessly self-promoting, I think I'm right in saying I'm the only unsigned artist from here to tackle the old double album, not once, but twice?

    foam-Condition of the Heart

    The Foamboy Deluxe Arkestra-Gloryland

    Oh and Prince's "Sign o' the times" is for me, the greatest album of all time, double or not.
  69. avatar Warren Drugs
    The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
    Psychic TV - Force The Hand Of Chance
    And not quite a double but nearly, Jehovahkill by Julian Cope.
    All leehill.
  70. avatar Jamesy Yakuza
    hmm, many great double albums are double no more in the CD age such as:

    double nickels on the dime - the minutemen
    zen arcade - husker du
    london calling - the clash

    2 CD albums:
    smashing pumpkins - mellon collie
    nin - the fragile
    wu tang clan - forever
    outkast - speakerboxx / the love below
    nas - streets disciple (not actually that hot)
  71. avatar gl2200
    [quote:e23946abbb="Jamesy Yakuza"]hmm, many great double albums are double no more in the CD age such as:

    double nickels on the dime - the minutemen[/quote:e23946abbb]

    Am I right in thinking that this is missing some of the tracks off the original vinyl?

    [quote:e23946abbb="JY"]london calling - the clash[/quote:e23946abbb]

    Complete with [i:e23946abbb]Koka Kola[/i:e23946abbb] starting at the wrong speed? No thank you. The first four seconds are all over the shop compared to the vinyl. On CD the bell is too fast, likewise the first line of vocals and you can hear it slowing down and wowing just as the bassline comes in. Whoever supervised its transfer to CD should die in a cellar full of rats.
  72. avatar Box Marked Commie
    Electric Ladyland - Hendrix
    Hooker and Heat - Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker

    Emancipation by Prince is a triple album, and manages not to have one decent song on it :-o
  73. avatar thefatson
    I'll give another shout to Joes Garage.

    All of the desert sessions as well, they are all one cd but each one seems to be labelled as 2 albums.
  74. avatar tenrabbits
    Underworld. German double EP.

    Absolutely magic.
  75. avatar feline1
    It's kinda ahine reading these old threads, cos I initially think they're new, then bemusedly I discover I've already said all I was about to type :lol:

    Can we have septuple albums though?
    By which I refer to the fawntastic BBC Audio book Compact Disc set of the 13-episode 1965 mawsterpiece, "THE DALEKS MAWSTERPLAWN", where the Daleks reveal that they have a mawsterplawn, and their mawsterplawn is:


    Luckily William Hartnell and Peter Perverts manage to defeat them by running up some stairs with a special can of baked beans whilst the Radiophonic Workshop plays this sound that weighs more than Saturn, and time stands still.

    [i:db19122407]William Hartnell and friends with *THAT* tin of baked beans, yesterday[/i:db19122407]


  76. avatar Beau Sooth
  77. avatar Dux
    is the clash's sandinista album a triple aye?
  78. avatar unplugged
    Bruce Dickinson - Alive in studio A