1. avatar Craig
    Ok I want a fender (usa model) doesnt everyone. However after talking to some people i heard about getting a japan same quality cheaper price. Can anyone supply me with information on this? and if i do go for a japanese model should i pay the extra for us pick ups?
  2. avatar ryankozzi
    told you before. the japanese squiers are the best guitars fender EVER made.
  3. avatar ryankozzi
    this is a bargain plus its got USA pickups in it

  4. avatar Craig
    ebay worrys me with guitars now, ive bought a few of them and the only good one i got was a classical guitar from an ebay shop. I was looking at getting a jap from www.guitaremporium.co.uk
  5. avatar ryankozzi
    if you know what youre looking at/for its usually 100% ok
  6. avatar Craig
    Besides that i basically want to kow the differences between them etc
  7. avatar ryankozzi
    google is a great thing craig

  8. avatar Craig
    That was quite helpful although first hand expierence would be nice. The site im looking to order from gives options of american vintage, texas special and jap pick ups? What would i be best going for or can anyone give me a sort of idea of what pick ups give what sounds?
  9. avatar pcp
    from reading about on t'internet before if i remember correctly the jap re-issues are meant to be [i:7cb9f103da]far[/i:7cb9f103da] superior to the american versions. however i think for the rest, ie, non-reissue then the US ones are the way to go. i have a jap re-issue jag and it's fantastic :-D
  10. avatar andy graham
    i had a jap reissue and i sold it for pitance, i blame the government.

    theyre great mine was solid as a rock. even though it had a flyodd rose

    can remember the year but the early squiers were assembled with usa parts, those are a bargin if you can find one. excellent in my book. i belive the last time i was in the guitar emp i saw a red squier strat from that era.

    ask neil, he'll be able to tell ya

    i neva had a prob with ebay. then again iv only bought one guitar off there
  11. avatar Speed Demon
    I've had a Fender Japanese Precision bass for 20 years. I wouldn't sell it. Well, maybe if I was offered a 4-figure sum...

    My brother bought a Fender Japanese Strat at the time when both Japanese and USA models were available in the UK. At the time, it was cost that drove the decision, but I reckoned that the general standard of the Japanese ones was slightly better anyway.

    I've seen the site at http://www.guitaremporium.co.uk/ for imports new Japanese models, and would consider using it to buy one.
  12. avatar Craig
    That was where i intend to buy it from. But just wanted to check the quality of them.
  13. avatar Niall Harden
    i have an japanese jaguar and it's... idiosyncratic.

    i've played american ones and: far, far better. but maybe that's just the jaguar. i dunno.
  14. avatar tenrabbits
    Yup.. I got an american series tele - after trying various other teles (jap, korean etc) it was so much better.

    Mainly the neck, but just the general build. And kozzi - squiers are laminate guitars.. so if you think they're the best guitars fender has ever made you have strange tastes.

    My mate steve has an 80s jap strat (not a squier!) tho - and it's lovely. I just couldn't find any teles that were as good as the american series.
  15. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:265613a9fe="tenrabbits"]And kozzi - squiers are laminate guitars.. so if you think they're the best guitars fender has ever made you have strange tastes.[/quote:265613a9fe]

    Kozzi is often wrong, but in this case he was referring to the original Squiers, made in Japan in the same factories as 'Fender' badged ones, and indistinguishable from them in terms of quality of manufacture.

    Also, the last modern Squier I had apart (the cheapest, Chinese variety) wasn't laminated anything anyway.
  16. avatar chrisjedijane
    my two squiers (fat strat and jagmaster, both standard series) aren't laminate (there's enough chips in the paint to know this for a fact).

    In terms of jaguars/jazzmasters, i find that the american ones are much better than the japanese ones (the hardware is of a much higher quality). However, the japanese one is half the price of the USA one.
  17. avatar hardstaff0p
    A couple of years ago I bought an old jap telecaster and with a good set-up its the most reliable and comfortable guitar I play. Amazing necks and for much less cash.

  18. avatar Craig
    Thanx that is quite helpful. The only american i have played is a standard was a tele. Nice enough but not overly impressed. I have heard mixed reports with the reliablity of a jazzmaster when playing rak on it. I may just get a tele from guitaremporium.co.uk but i am not sure wha to expect from the pick ups. Can anyone help me out the selection is japanese, american vintange and texas customshop
  19. avatar Speed Demon
    I'd make a wild guess that the Japanese factories would not find it economic to import any American pickups. I'd expect Japanese Fenders to have Japanese or other Far-East pickups.