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    My first post!
    [color=red:85f1ad98f1]Seven Sounds Show[/color:85f1ad98f1] on [color=red:85f1ad98f1]Seven Fm[/color:85f1ad98f1] [color=red:85f1ad98f1](107FM) [/color:85f1ad98f1]is looking for local bands/artists to showcase their music between 5pm - 6pm on a Sunday evening.
    The show will usually play a few songs by the band, plus have a bit of a chat with them to find out what they're all about.
    The show also includes interviews and music from well known bands who are playing in Northern Ireland. Most recent interviews include Hard-Fi, Bloc Party, and Skin, to name but a few.
    Anyone interested in getting involved, please send your demos to:

    [color=red:85f1ad98f1]Emma Fitzpatrick
    1 Millenium Park
    Woodside Industrial Estate
    Woodside Road
    Co. Antrim
    BT42 4QJ[/color:85f1ad98f1]
    Please remember to leave a contact number.