1. avatar jackryan
    [b:e0bcf0a2af]28 Year Old Drummer Available[/b:e0bcf0a2af]

    Own Gear and Transport, influences too many to list - wide range of music types listened too.

    Give me a shout at

  2. avatar jackryan
    I live in Banbridge, work in Belfast, have my own car so travel not a problem.
  3. avatar Rock Danger
    didnt a bunch of bands need a drummer only a month or so ago??

    I think your age is scaring them jack.. :D
  4. avatar Speed Demon
    [quote:791a508a88="Rock Danger"]I think your age is scaring them jack.. :D[/quote:791a508a88]

    Yeah, what's a mere kid going to know about playing drums?
  5. avatar Bigwan2062
    Would you be interested in a Paradise Lost/Katatonia type Heavey Rock/Metal band, Ballymena Based, all your age and older, good feedback on the things we've done so far - a drummer and a practice place is the only thing stopping us from gigging/recording at the minute. All original stuff.


  6. avatar jackryan
    is 28 a problem age?
  7. avatar Bigwan2062
    Not for me...

  8. avatar gary gates
    check your email old timer :wink: