1. avatar noghost
    Does anyone know where I could a reasonably priced set of CD decks? Also, what kinda make I would need to be looking at if I wanted to use them professionally?
  2. avatar thesacredhearts
    If you have a laptop I would recommend that you use it. Upgrade your memory as far as it will go and invest in an external soundcard, from there all you will need is come virtual DJ'ing software, particularly good if you are onlt interested in beat mixing. Oh and invest in good closed head phones. Personally i like seinheiser but its all down to personal preference on these things.

    Hardwarewise I aint the best man to talk to as I use the house CD decks and mixer at my club night, but im led to believe that Pioneer are very good for the money on mp3 cdj decks.

    I'd say your best bet is to ask comprachio as he is fairly well up on these things.

    All the best!
  3. avatar comprachio
    sacredhearts is prob right if you're just looking to play tunes out in a club but the prob would be that if your laptop breaks down mid set you are royally screwed.

    Most clubs will have a set of CD decks you can use and if you're just playing out tracks without mixing there's no point bringing/buying your own.

    I'd recommend flat beds if you're really serious about DJing but tbh they're prob out of your budget so you might be best sticking with something liked these rack mounted ones: [url]http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/3489[/url] I wouldn't go any cheaper.

    You'll also need a mixer (£50 can get you a behringer 2-channel but don't expect any frills) and as sacredhearts says, a good set of headphones. Sennheiser or Sony would be all I'd ever use but they ain't cheap. My sennheisers were £70 and £125 respectively. My Sony's cost £50 but were nicked:(

    If you're really really really serious about getting into it and learning to mix go for a set of Pioneer CDJs (800s or 1000s) and a good mixer but this will be a heavy investment.

    Set aside at least £300 for a respectable all in package or at least £1000 for a fairly professional one.
  4. avatar jackryan
    PIONEER CDJ1000s are industry standard, a cheaper alternative would be the PIONEER CDJ800

    I had the DENON DN-S5000s, similar to CDJS only with spinning platter. They also have the ability to play two tracks of one CD, so you can mix two tracks with one deck/CD. Their cheaper little brother is the DN-S3000

    You will find the above in all big clubs in Belfast.
  5. avatar dj_ade
    My first post!
    Have used a lot of different sorts, and Currently own a Pair of Denon DN-S3500's and a Set of Denon 4500 Dual rack mount cd decks,
    Depending on what you want, the rackmount are by far the cheaper alternative, you can go for 2 low quality tabletop players, for the same price as a reasonable Dual Rack mount player.
    Professional Players are not really cheap, however Eclipse in belfast could probably sort you out with a set of American audio dual players and matching mixer in a case, not the best gear in the world, and not up to the Denon/pioneer stuff, but still very useable.
  6. avatar oxo
    Bairds have a second hand pair of technics sl dz 1200 pro cd decks 3months old £900 8) 02890 351358