1. avatar spanielwoof
    £200 ono. With soft case.

  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    Was it originally fretless or were the frets removed?
  3. avatar spanielwoof
    Always been fretless, it has fret markers in a lighter coloured wood where the frets should be for ease of use.
  4. avatar in prog we trust
    I'd love a fretless.Why is there frets on the one in the pic,tho?
  5. avatar Tele
    It's the lighter coloured wood that he was talking about - just looks like frets.

    These basses are really excellent though so I definitely recommend it.
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    Just checked the web and these are going new for $200-$300.
  7. avatar spanielwoof
    Add on import tax and postage.
    Like the time I bought a pair of Merrell trainers for $80.
    Then had to pay $30 postage and FORTY POUNDS import tax.
    So I saved a lot of money......oh wait.
  8. avatar goatboy
    What about shorts? Did you import them too?

  9. avatar spanielwoof
    Yes. Along with my face and a bottle of Man Cream.
  10. avatar ryankozzi
    that bass looks scarily like the fretted version.


  11. avatar Pete
    Except it's not, I originally sold that bass to Spaniel and I vouch it was a factory fretless. It also retailed for near £400 when I bought it.
  12. avatar ryankozzi
    not disputing that! but yamaha basses are generally excellent :D