SONI in Lisburn Presents....

A One-Off Saturday Special!

NASA ASSASSIN momumental space rockers, incredible live..
DIVIDES UNFOLD huge, riffy alt-rock with powerful vocals..
ST.HELLFIRE 8 legged speedy rock and roll machine...
PHILIP MCCARROLL Pay*ola frontman kicking it all off...

Hague's Bar, Lisburn (Chapel Hill)
Saturday 4th November 2017
Doors 8.30pm, admission £5

Plus special drinks promos all night!

How much fun is this gonna be?!

(it's a rhetorical question, as the amounts of fun are so vast they're unquantifiable)

I'll admit to missing the monthly SONI gigs in Lisburn....but when they do come around, less frequently, it really feels like an event now....and we're back at Hagues Bar on Saturday 4th November with this classic....

Lisburners assemble, let's do it better than we ever did before! :D

(there will also be a December/Xmas SONI Hague's gig on Friday 8th....stay tuned for details)

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