1. avatar Strativarius
    Just curious.. is anyone actually buying anything in Northern Ireland? It seems like you couldn't give stuff away here.

    I listed some good guitars and amps at ridiculously low prices. I listed high specced/modded ones at maybe 25% less at what I see unmodded ones sell for on eBay over in England.

    The usual two or three messages from timewasters/dreamers, the odd clown looking to trade in some junk.. 20 year old Epiphones and the like... That's it.

    I don't think I've sold an instrument for cash in... I honestly can't remember.

    Is the entire musical equipment market dead in NI or am I missing out on something somewhere?

    Any theories or advice would be gladly welcomed.
  2. avatar gared
    I have some gear for sale on here at the minute and have sold one pedal and am currently chatting with a guy and will hopefully sell another pedal. About 2 years ago I sold a guitar on here so I was pleased with that.

    Gumtree has a lot of timewasters and scammers on it so I tend to avoid it as I can't be bothered trying to figure out who's for real and who's not.

    This site isn't that busy any more and it probably only attracts a small number of people. If you're listing high end gear, the number of those people looking to buy high end gear is going to be even smaller.

    The only place, aside from eBay, that's good for selling stuff is the website thefretboard.co.uk. I have sold quite a lot of stuff on there and the classifieds are very busy and they have a feedback system so you can check on who's for real and who's not before you sell to them.

  3. avatar JamLiveRS
    Totally agree guys I have gear up here also gumtree and FB. There are tons of bands and musicians out there but nobody is buying! Thanks for the posting the ling to thefretboard.co.uk that will come in very handy.