1. avatar The enfant terrible
    Why? Am I really such a bad person?
  2. avatar deejill
    You just smell a bit funky. Nothing personal. Just like your hygiene
  3. avatar gared
    You're not that bad, calm down man.
  4. avatar deejill
    Just to assuage my guilty conscience, I have never met you and I'm sure you're a beautiful human being who is cherished by friends and loved by family. I'm also sure you're a devastatingly handsome individual, charming, thoughtful and good with animals and small children. Did I mention you're also rumoured to be a Renaissance man-a polymath-a character who has equal expertise in a wide range of areas? A rare specimen and an example to all. And hung like a pony.
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  5. avatar The enfant terrible
    Deejill - that's how I like to view myself, but others have laughed when I've said this outloud. Can we both pretend that it's true. Just delete the I've never met you bit from your post, please.
  6. avatar deejill
    Just remember *like a pony* and smile knowingly at your detractors.