1. avatar monstersofrot
    We've got 12 awesome bands spanning everything from Punk Rock, to Djent, to Progressive, to Death Metal!

    Free camping, and food catering provided by the fantastic Taco Loco Burrito Bar (as always with our veggie friendly options).

    Website: http://monstersofrot.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1216123918400504/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monstersofrot/

    Thornafire Official: Death Metal - Santiago Chile
    Drakonis: Black Metal - Lisburn
    Oncology: Brutal Death Metal - Coleraine
    Unkindness Of Ravens: Progressive - Midlands
    War Iron: Sludge - Belfast
    Indominus: Death Metal - Lisburn/Belfast
    Subordinate: Crust - Fermanagh
    Sense Deficiency: Punk - Fermanagh
    Beware of You: Punk - Dublin
    The Divils: Punk - Dublin
    Heel Of Achilles: Djent - Belfast
    Black Chapels: Rock - Fermanagh
  2. avatar MSB Mastering
    I don't know many of these bands, but this was a blast last year.
  3. avatar monstersofrot
    We're running a competition for 2 free tickets to Monsters of Rot, some merch, and of course the traditional MOR Bucky endorsement.

    Check out our Fecesbook page for more details.