Hartke 4x10 Bass Cab For Sale

Currently looking to sell my Hartke VX series 4x10 paper cone bass cab, as I no longer feel the need to keep it, would rather it be used than sit gathering dust.

The cab itself sounds great. At the time I bought it, I had several other cabs I was interested in and this one with my ashdown head was prefect, has a real punch, but still carries all the tone from the bass along with quite abit of attack at the same time, I think if matched with a 15" or 18" cab it would make the sound at any gig incredible.

Condition wise it is pretty much as if it came out of the box, couple of light sratch marks on the corner pads but thats what they are there for, just from moving it from one place to another though the cab has hardly been used and like I said is gathering dust.

If intersted with a serious offer or simply wish for more information contact me via email at cbcoates@hotmail.co.uk and I ll get back to you asap.