1. avatar fullmoonfever

    I'm a singer/guitarist and a big Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers fan. I'm just seeing if there are any musicians round here who would be interested in getting together to play a bunch of Tom Petty covers. Mainly just for the fun of it but if anything else was to come from it then great.

    Would need a lead guitarist, bassist, drummer and keyboard player.

    Based around North Down/ Belfast areas
  2. avatar Bassman
    What age group are you looking?
  3. avatar thecomeons_2
    I've seen you on YouTube and think you're really good. Send me a PM when you want to audition bass players. I'm based out Ballymoney-way, so Antrim is dead handy
  4. avatar heavyhitter
    This would be fun, Im a drummer in belfast. Big steve ferrone fan, count me in
  5. avatar fullmoonfever
    Great, seem to have enough interest now to start organising something. I'll PM everyone to see if we can arrange a jam.