The Liberals or Liberty

You sound foolishly bitter; why pretend you don't know the name when any eejit can see you're more than likely one of the musicians you are purporting to defend?

Whether these are spurious ramblings or not does not negate the fact that most brides and grooms will make a decision based on audio recordings, professionalism and price.

One more tidbit, why would somebody go through the hassle of recruiting a musician 'to get rid of them' and leave 4 or 5 fellas in the lurch before a gig? What do you honestly think he would gain from this??? Maybe you just weren't professional or up to scratch? (I know this to be the case all too often because I, too, have went through a miserable amount of potential musicians who have wasted both my time and their own before rehearsals/shows with absolutely no proficiency in source material)

I'm not defending any allegations or presumed actions, I couldn't care less, but at least leave your real name and relationship to the above; other wise you are just another yap with a computer and a cloaked IP address.