1. avatar Black Mono
    We have uploaded our brand new song 'Sundown' onto our Soundcloud for you to hear. This is an introduction to our 2nd EP recorded in Einstein Studios.
    We are heading into progressive experimental territory with our new EP 'Like A Vein' If you don't know us we are a female fronted band putting the alternative into rock. My name is Naomi (guitarist/singer/songwriter) my good friend Verity (Bass) and Steven (drums) well, we like to create something interesting.



    Black Mono.
  2. avatar pbm09
    Sounding great!
  3. avatar Black Mono
    Thank you! Always means a lot whenever someone out there is listening!
  4. avatar Black Mono
    We have now uploaded another brand new track for any listeners out there. This song is called 'Fled'

    Hope you enjoy it!