(guitarist/ singer) Looking for a drummer to start a band

My name is Oisin and I'm trying to get a band started in Belfast. So far its a bassist and a guitarist and all we need is a drummer to get stuff going. We want to play alternative, post punk, heavy/rock and just anything we think sounds good. We want a bit of craic, people who enjoy playing music as much as possible and who will be committed to playing, writing and gigging. Here are a few of our influences however we have many many more but its just to give an idea, not to restrict! - Queens of the stone age, Pixies, Runaways, Royal Blood, foo fighters, clutch, black flag, ramones, left lane cruiser.
To tell you a little about us as players, we both have experience playing and gigging in n.i and if you are interested i used to play in this band https://aquatramp.bandcamp.com/track/cherokee-woman
Heres also a recording of my vox https://soundcloud.com/ocean-93/all-apologies-cover-1
All welcome,
Give me a shout if you are remotely interested in a jam! I dont really keep an eye on this so send me an email if you are.
My email is oisin_93@live.ie