1. avatar Kingbap
    Hey aged between 22-30 but dont care about what age or gender you are! Most people will ask so covering all bases.
    We play original material. Heavily bluesy influenced lead guitarist.
    Myself on rythym I am influenced by funk and spanish guitar aswell as grunge and trance.
    Bass player was a guitarist turn bassist influebced by heavy stuff and pop too.
    From time to time we bring in an excellent keys player and sax player.
    We have been travelling around this sumner and want to get back into the swing of things with a solid no frills needed drummer.
    Keep a beat and we will get something going.
    All experienced musicians here. Own gear essential. Practice once maybe twice a week.

    Contact via here or text 07759138866
  2. avatar archie666
    Where you guys based? Limavady guy here
  3. avatar Kingbap