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    Practice Room Share - slot available

    This room share has been operating smoothly for over five years now and a slot has just become available.
    The room is acoustically treated and is in the Westlink Enterprise Centre, off the Grosvenor road.
    The room is available for practice Mon-Fri from 5pm-late and any time Sat/Sun.
    Sharing with 3 bands, this slot guarantees first choice of the room one pre-arranged evening per week, every week - and practices in addition to that are possible if the room is available, for instance it's possible to do a few practices in a row if there's a gig coming up. Bands communicate well and it tends to run smoothly for swaps, everyone tends to be flexible.
    PA, Mics, Floor monitor, drum kit, bass amp & guitar amp provided and well maintained.
    Some limited storage space is available for instruments.
    70per month, available immediately.

    PIctures on Gumtree ad - http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/practice-room-share-slot-available/1089064274

    For more info or to arrange a look chat to Jude-
    Judemccaffrey [at] gmail [dot] com 07871043669