1. avatar moonchild88
    Our band has been jamming a few months and we need a singer to complete the line up - preferably someone who can play rhythm guitar as well. We have a few songs written that need proper vocals added (our guitarist has been singing in the meantime but is not a singer.)

    We are working at a pretty quick pace and want to keep that going. However we are still fairly new so you wouldn't be coming into an established band just yet!

    The songs are mainly rock/blues/indie style. We welcome anyone who can adapt to our style but is up for inputting their own ideas and writing vocals.

    PM me if interested - I can send you some rough versions of our tunes so you can see if you are interested.

    We are aged 22-26 (people always seem to ask that question.)

  2. avatar moonchild88
  3. avatar Matthew10
    Hey there,

    24 year old singer/guitarist from Belfast here, in need of a new project so this sounds interesting!

    Is everybody based in and around Belfast? Who's all involved at this stage?

  4. avatar beamer933
    i can't remember if we spoke before but yeah i'm a guitarist/singer up for jamming. no idea whether you'd like my vocals but if you didn't I could just do guitar. 07889573800
  5. avatar Kingbap
    Interested to hear some stuff or just jam and see how it goes. Call me 07759138866
  6. avatar izzys_return
    Where are you guys based? Im a singer
  7. avatar Kingbap
    Hey im interested in this.
    Singer rythym player.
    Plenty bsnd jammin experience bla bla bla.
    Send me stuff or call me