1. avatar alastair14
    Hi all,

    I'm looking to recruit an artist manager, and maybe also a PR rep, for a new project built from a previously established group based in Belfast, NI.

    This'll be for things like press/media release and contact, industry contact, and basic career guidance. Preferrably someone who knows what they're doing, someone who is able to work with myself to search for new opportunities, someone with experience, and the right contacts within the NI/ROI music scene.

    Past achievements for this group include television and national radi success, supporting tours with The Maine and Framing Hanley in 2014, playing the o2 Liverpool, a plethora of critical acclaim, and two successful record releases.

    Basically, I'm just looking for someone experienced enough to take the pressure off of myself, someone who is willing to work with suggestions as well as implement their own initiative for success, and definitely someone who can work as the leader of a team when it comes to decision making!

    If you, or anyone you know of, would be interested, send all enquiries to info@papercutrecords.co.uk (including your experience to date, your commission rate, and any other relevant accolades you might like to mention) and I'll send through a more detailed description of the kinds of tasks we're looking at, as well as the group's contact info, their year plan, and aspirations they have outlined for the future. And if you could spread the word, I'd really appreciate it :)