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    Hi there. I've set up a new Status Quo tribute band but we're missing a Francis Rossi front man / lead guitarist. Is it something you'd be interested in?

    The rest of us are all experienced musicians and are in this first and foremost for a bit of fun. But we've also had a great response and know there's a market out there for a Quo tribute. We're gagging to get out there and blow people away LOL!

    If you're interested Email me at crozierdaniel@hotmail.com


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    Do you play like James Burton and his hot picking guitar?! When he played with Gram Parsons?

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    Pretty much in the ballpark with James Burton I guess. Albert Lee, Tommy Alsup, Cliff Gallup and all great session guys: Al Casey, Tommy Tedesco. I do other stuff too:


    my e-mail is: barabyk[at]gmail.com