1. avatar stuff
  2. avatar stuff
    I would also do some swaps for a roland drum kit. looking one with all mesh heads
  3. avatar stuff
    akg d770 40

    electrovoice nd 408B 60

    beyerdynamic TGX10 60

    wooden djembe 20

    set of bongos 10

    westone spectrum sx guitar 100

  4. avatar 128beatspermillenium
    I'll take the midi keyboard if you're game?
  5. avatar KeirRoxxx69
    Are they the active SN10s? If so I might be interested
  6. avatar stuff
    128beatspermillenium its all yours drop me an email with your contact details

    KeirRoxxx69 passive im afraid if you fancy them anyway drop me an email

  7. avatar martyfireball
    Hi, is the Blackstar ht5 head the later model with reverb?
  8. avatar stuff
    hi, nope its not got the reverb, but it still has its packaging and even the card and price tag attached to it as it had very very minimal use
  9. avatar RedTab
    Emailed you about some items.

    Please get back to me.
  10. avatar FlashII

    Pm'd about two items. Cheers
  11. avatar Bearcat Belfast
  12. avatar stuff
    Bearcat Belfast: don't seem to have your pm dtubman02 at qub dot ac dot uk

  13. avatar Michael82FFL
    Sent an email to your email address, got a message back saying it wasn't delivered.

    Is the 2 fathead mics still available?
  14. avatar stuff
    all pms should have been replied to now. lots of interest in the fatheads, they may be away today, if they arent ive a list to work down from first come first serve. cheers
  15. avatar LettuceFunk
    Pm me a ball park figure for the bassman
  16. avatar stuff
    sorry the bassman has just left the building
  17. avatar stuff
    i am filling a car full of stuff today and doing some runs. If anyone wants anything please give me a shout before 4pm today

  18. avatar ThePenguin
    Sent you an email there about the mc012s - hope you got it.


  19. avatar ThePenguin
    Just got a "delivery delayed" message there.
    Seems to be a problem there.
    If you still have the oktava mc012s, can you let me know?


  20. avatar stuff
    Hi everyone

    for some reason i cant edit the original comment however the following have now been sold:

    2 x fathead ribbon mics + shockmounts and boxes

    Sennheiser e604 + clip

    Neumann bcm 705

    Beyerdynamic dt100 x 2

    1968 fender bassman head

    Groove tubes gt55 vocal mic

    Oktavia mc012 x 2 pencil mics with 2 heads each (US models)
  21. avatar JamLiveRS
  22. avatar elroy443
    that email isn't workin lad, i'll pm
  23. avatar 128beatspermillenium
    can't get you on email, try me at david at resourceplan.co.uk
  24. avatar daniel_oceanoflights
    Emailed you about the EHX Nano LPB-1 there :)