1. avatar ThePenguin

    I can't reply to messages. IS that just me or a general thing?


  2. avatar flightstrip
    I cant message anyone either since messaging was changed.seems some people can though.i just get diverted to the wiki page when I try to message
  3. avatar fastfude
    My bad, sorry folks. It should be sorted now!
  4. avatar reallybigmcc
    did they put ya off the gibson penguin lol?
  5. avatar ThePenguin
    Ta. All looking good now.
  6. avatar fastfude
    There might still be an issue with message notification emails not getting through - can anyone confirm if they're getting them?
  7. avatar ThePenguin
    I got one earlier today.
  8. avatar gazebow

    All I'm getting is


    Thread not found - 400 Bad Request"

    but I'm very new...is it me?