1. avatar Daveitferris
    Hey 'fuders.

    I'll be releasing 365 original songs next year, starting January 1st. Paced at a song released every single day of the year.

    More about it below:

    There's also some new songs for you to listen to at:
    [url=https://soundcloud.com/daveitferris]Listen to new songs on Soundcloud[/url]

  2. avatar Daveitferris
    would you guys mind if i bumped this topic daily with new song?
  3. avatar Tomsthumb
    Wot's You're email address, I'm interested.
  4. avatar Daveitferris
    Hello guys.

    I just wanted to stop by to post my 100th song - i hope you guys don't mind.
    It's a parody type song [something i never do] so it was new ground for me.

    Please check it out/the project out, if you find the time;

    thanks a million.