1. avatar cathalgorman
    Drummer available for gigging and recording or joining band. From Co.down . Have a premier kit and breakables.
    Looking for hard/ heavy rock band or even progressive rock. like ASIWYFA
    Muse, God is an astronaut , Dream theather. etc etc...
    but willing to try out new things. can email me on this or ask for my facebook
  2. avatar true_but_sad
    PM sent.
  3. avatar Munro
    Hey you still available. Behold-munro.bandcamp.co.uk this stuff is what I need to play live.

    Contact me on clan.munro@hotmail.co.uk
  4. avatar readytorock
    Hi - drummer urgently required for band with paid gigs, professionally recorded album already in the can, and booking agent lined up. Please PM for further details
  5. avatar maximopark182
    We are still looking if you haven't got anything sorted yet. drummer@hitthebbutton.com
  6. avatar fasterfude

    My name’s Adam, and I play the guitar, electric and Spanish. Sorry for the unbelievable lateness of this message – it’s a response to one you posted in 2013 (!).

    I’ve some decent experience of recording and gigging, mainly with a band called Psychojet – you can hear the links below. Since we’re on a long hiatus, I’m looking for a new project.

    If you are still interested – and assuming you’re still at this email address – perhaps you could e-mail me at fasterfude [at] Hotmail.co.uk

    Best regards,



  7. avatar tomathor
    im in a hard rock band and we are well astablished in belfast, we need a new drummer, pm me with your facebook page if interested man