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    My first post!
    Off The Record is a new and exciting print magazine that covers the topics of political comment, arts & culture. We are distributed monthly, in some of Northern Ireland's best independent retailers, coffee shops and music venues - including Black Box, Cafe Nero, Clements, Sinnamon (Botanic), Oh Yeah Centre, Boojum, Rusty Zip and we even managed to sneak some into the rather swanky Europa Hotel (even though they were most likely put swiftly into the nearest bin).

    Our politics are left wing, our opinion is varied, and our music taste is Northern Irish. We have a small and dedicated team and are looking to expand our arts & culture contacts - so this is a call to local reviewers. If you have a good grasp on how to write a good review with the fair authority needed to pass judgement on our local scene, we want to hear from you.

    Reviews can include gig, EP, album or even opinion pieces/features on your thoughts toward the local industry. We cannot offer payment, but we will try our best to get you into local gigs as a freelance for Off The Record.

    We are now accepting pitches for both online and print, so contact us at:




    Support local art, support local culture, support good journalism.

    If you would like to see an example of the issue, the second is now on Scribd here:

    [url=http://www.scribd.com/doc/177175429/Off-The-Record-Issue-Two-Full]Issue Two.[/url]

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Off The Record Magazine.
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    Hey Guys,
    My band Replica would be interested in an Ep review if possible.
    We have recently supported Keywest at Mandela Hall and will be playing the Spirit Store this weekend.
    Our Ep was recorded at Manor Park and we are very happy with how is came out.
    Please get in touch if you are interested.
    I have included some links to our Ep.

    Stephen McCoy

    Here is our music video for Misery.

    REPLICA Facebook

    Replica -EP

    Black Widow

    Fever in the night