1. avatar EPIC TOUR
  2. avatar MarkNumskull
    6.19 per hour, really? That's pathetic for the amount of work this role will require.

    Good luck! Haha :lol:
  3. avatar Turais
    [quote:f54720f0f0]Representative of Epic Tour’s spirit

    £6.19ph says quite a lot about your spirit. Still nice to see the booking agent ripped off for a change!
  4. avatar Sadoldgit

    this is FREELANCE.......

    it will work out at less than the minimum wage.
    They wont be paying national insurance, pension, or tax ...this is the gross amount payable.

    You will be responsible for your own class 4 national insurance as well as tax.
    Your are Freelance, ie self employed.

    Its a joke, but they will find some chum to do it.

    Mind you looking at some of the fucking has been bands they are promoting, good luck to them,