1. avatar aplacetogo
    does anybody know a good luthier /someone who can fix up/ service guitars? my strats imput just broke, (i tried to fix it myself but the metal bit that touches the lead snapped off. i also have a bass which is in good nick, just really crackly( input pot) . anybody know anyone who does repairs or have any tips? switchcleaner? Im skint as fuck atm so it would be cool to find someone who knows what there doing and doesnt charge an arm and a leg. cheers. d.g.
  2. avatar NSF35
    Try spraying servisol switch cleaner (red&white can only) in the bass input to flush out any gunk that's in there should stop crackling after a few sprays. the input on the strat is easy to buy and replace from any guitar shop should only cost a couple of quid.