1. avatar ohmessylife
    Guy sI'm selling my Trace 4x10. It's had a few years on the road so it's not very picturesque but it sounds absolutely great and TBH the wear and tear just makes it look more badass.

    I'm in work right now so can't take a pic. Just need rid of it as I don't have as much use for it any more.

    Not selling for stupid money so make an offer.

    http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Trace-Elliot-1048T-4-x-10-Bass-Cabinet-300-Watts-RMS-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/$(KGrHqJ,!lIFBKuklS-0BQ,jnmF1Fw~~60_35.JPG - It's pretty much this but not as shiny.
  2. avatar The Donk
    How much you lookin? Could be tempted.
  3. avatar ohmessylife
  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    Nice cab, I'm sure you'll get rid of it no problem.

    Reminds me I still haven't got my Trace 1x15 fixed.

  5. avatar Jonny Mumra