1. avatar Dinosaurs_as_Pets
    My first post!
    Hola Fastfuders.

    We're a new band looking to get some music recorded for social networking. We've heard this guy Beard Noise can do recordings at your practice place. Has anyone used him and recorded at their place? Is there any reasons why he couldnt do it ie the room being too small.

    Obviously there's some great studios out there which we've used in the past but with the recession an all we're on a tight budget but still want good recordings.

    Any help / feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    Dinosaurs as Pets
  2. avatar anty2
    I recommend Andrew Coles to anyone (on a budget or not).

    [url=http://biggrizzlyband.bandcamp.com/track/dodis-chauffeur-2]A song we recorded with him in our practice space last year[/url]

    [url=http://biggrizzlyband.bandcamp.com/track/dodis-chauffeur-beard-noise-remix]And the cheeky remix he did of it[/url]

    [url=https://soundcloud.com/carchasecityband-1]Car Chase City[/url]

    Very relaxed environment and best value for money you'll find up north.
  3. avatar Dinosaurs_as_Pets
    Cheers buddy, sounds good.
  4. avatar outlandstudios
    We are still running a £150 single day all inclusive package. (One day recording in studio, plus mixing and mastering after).

    Alternatively, our regular price plan is still just £100 per day for multiple day bookings.

    I realise you probably want to find someone offering the service of recording you guys in your own practice space, but if you are willing to travel I thought I'd let you know just incase.

    As mentioned in the post above, Car Chase City happen to be recording here for 3 days in a few weeks time.
  5. avatar Sadoldgit
    "Is there any reasons why he couldnt do it ie the room being too small"

    In theory, better results with a bigger space , all the sound deadening etc etc....but...

    you sometimes lose spontaneity and that live excitement.

    this was recorded live in a shed , with only the vocals overdubbed.
    One take.

  6. avatar Dinosaurs_as_Pets
    Cheers Sadoldgit, sounding good.