1. avatar wannabeflea
  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Would you consider trades/p/x for this?
  3. avatar wannabeflea
    Perhaps. Depends what's offered. Cash is king though...
  4. avatar Bileofwood
    Thinking about it I need to do some pedal testing before I consider a bass rig so I'll sit this one out for now.

    Had my eye on a LB for some time now though, so I am pretty curious. How is the DI out on it? Is it anything close to what comes out of the speaker?
  5. avatar wannabeflea
    I've only used the DI once myself and it was through an unfamiliar (and awfully booming sounding club) PA so I can't give much of an opinion there, but I did lend the head to a guy I trust (with 50 years playing experience, and a beautiful 64 pbass...) and he liked the DI sound A LOT. The DI is post output transformer so you get the sound of the EL84s breaking up. The down side is that the DI output level is controlled by how loud you have your volume set, but if you can live with that it's all good.

    I'd love to keep it, but I've no time to play anything nowadays, so 3 interchangeable rigs is OTT (have 2 500 watt combos of different configurations and a nice, fairly compact neo 4x12 too). It would make a really nice recording rig, either micing the cab or with a dummy load and using the DI.
  6. avatar wannabeflea

    Would trade for an orange terror bass with a little cash my way.