1. avatar MauriceMcErlean
  2. avatar MiltonG565
    30 times? Probably more like 15 man!

    Guys, I know what Maurice is like. His drum kit remains the cases all the time, unless he's playing, which is rarely. Don't have any reservations about this one.
  3. avatar 666Arcane
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  4. avatar MauriceMcErlean
    £400 for drums and hardware and I'll though in a Sabian AA ride, Sabian Pro Crash and Pst5 hi hats for an extra £180.

    Bags and silencers included.
  5. avatar MauriceMcErlean
  6. avatar CrissHall
    How much for the ride on it's own?
  7. avatar MauriceMcErlean
    Someone is interested on purchasing the kit, if they buy just the drums I'll then sell the cymbals separately.
  8. avatar MauriceMcErlean
    Still for sale
  9. avatar MauriceMcErlean
    Still for sale
  10. avatar MiltonG565
    Bumped for you man :)