1. avatar danbmc
    I'm looking for a tube fender amp like the ones in the title. I have a hot rod deluxe so looking something better than that. Would consider a vintage pro reverb too. Preferably nothing from the pro-tube series! Anyone got anything going?


  2. avatar dertydevil
    I've a fender pro reverb, the 40 watt one with the valve rectifier, I'd be willin to let go
  3. avatar danbmc
    Hi, I think we had a chat about that a while back when I was looking a pro reverb specifically, but it was more than I wanted to spend for that amp at the time. If you have the details to hand you can pm them and your asking price anyway, cheers!
  4. avatar ptrmcky
    Selling a 2003 Pro Reverb if that at all interests you.


  5. avatar danbmc
    Thanks ptrmcky but I'm not really looking for that series of pro reverb. I was just offered a Mesa Boogie Lonestar yesterday so have decided to go for it. It isn't a vintage Fender but it sure is nice (if a little on the loud side!)