1. avatar Gvd101
    My first post!
    Bass player wanted for a hard rock/grunge band!
    Try to practice at least once a week in Belfast.
    We currently are a guitarist/vocalist & drummer writing and jamming!
    We are in our mid 20's and looking for a like minded bass player that's into rock music and can chill with a beer and play hard, fast and dirty!

    Influences; Kyuss, fu Manchu, tool, Nirvana, AIC, soundgarden, pixies, lafaro, deftones, seether, dreamtheatre, etc..
  2. avatar SickSquid
    anywhere we can hear some of your stuff?
  3. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Alright Sean! How goes it dude? You back in Belfast looking to play?

  4. avatar SickSquid
    alrite Sam, will be back in Belfast in a few weeks. yeh, looking for an outfit to play with
  5. avatar roryb
    i need in, i listen to almost all them bands, tools, a different genre i wud say but im 25, live in belfast. 07516467254
  6. avatar The Donk
    greets. Any links or sounds for us? I'm toying with the idea of making loud noises again.
  7. avatar SUPERNOVA
    Sean gimmie a tx dude 07737902303