1. avatar Elliot

    We're a Belfast based horror punk band who have been gigging pretty relentlessly for the past couple of years. We've just recently lost our singer, so if you're into ridiculous stage shows involving UV paint, props, decorations and make-up then drop us an email at erussell08@qub.ac.uk

    We have a lot of gigs booked at the moment, including our own latest EP launch night which is just under a month away in Belfasts Empire Music Hall. Ideally we don't want to cancel any shows if possible. We have our own practice room which we can use 24 hours a day on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

    For examples of what we would be wanting in terms of vocal style, here's a few links.

    Any age over 18 is fine.
    Any gender is fine.
    Belfast city centre preferred.
    Must be dedicated to the theatrical side of things, and have a genuine interest in the type of music we make.
  2. avatar Elliot