1. avatar WeWereThieves
    Hey Guys,

    Looking to recruit a drummer for our rock band.
    Gunna keep this short and sweet.
    We have me(guitar,singer) a keyboardist/backing singer,rhythm guitarist and bassist.
    We all sing aswell, so if your able to play and sing it would be great but not important.
    We have a number of songs and need a drummer to finish it off and get gigging!
    If this sounds like something you'd like to do, or just come for a jam to see how it goes.

    Email me here wewerethieves1@gmail.com

    P.s, Please only reply if you are genuinely interested in coming down for a jam.


  2. avatar WeWereThieves
  3. avatar timebenezer
    What ages are you all? Any material to show?