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    My first post!
    Hello internet contigent of the NI music scene.

    I've been making records for 6 years or so but I've only moved to Belfast a short while ago. A lot of my work has been within 'rock' or 'acoustic' genres but I'm open to having a chat with anyone who wants to work with me. Instead of giving you lame adjectives/marketing buzz-words to entice you, i'll link to some of my previous work:


    I use a portable rig of great microphones, preamps and monitoring from Neumann, SSL, Trident etc. which allows me to operate in a number of different rooms/halls/studios depending on what the project needs. As well as this, because I don't work out of a full-time studio-facility trying to pay bills, my overheads are much lower so I can offer my services at a reasonable day-rate.

    If you're keen to have a chat about making a record with me, just get in touch: I'm not interested in pushing bands through a meat-grinder to get them to make a messy record as fast as possible and i'm also not interested in imposing a 'sound' on any band by tinkering with your aesthetic. I'm just interested in working with you to make the album, EP or single that you want to make.

    Send me an email at abbreviatedproductions@gmail.com or give me a call on 07933518944 and we can have a chat about scheduling, rates and how we can make your record together.

    Looking forward to hearing from some of you and feel free to post comments under the veil of internet-forum anonymity!